Getting Started with LoyalShops Texting

            LoyalShops Texting requires a subscription to our Loyalty Rewards Standard or Pro Services.  Once you have one of those two subscriptions, you will find Texting on our main menu.   

            1) To Start out, we recommend you go through the Texting Features page for an overview.  

            2) Go to Text Your Customers and Enable Texting.  Enabling Texting doesn't trigger any new costs.  You only get charged at the end of a subscription period for the costs of the texts you send.  

            3) Sending your first text.  Just follow the 4 Steps.  STEP 1 - Just leave it on SMS Text,  STEP 2, enter a text message.  

            STEP 3 - Enter you're 10 digit Phone Number just like "1231231234" and choose "Just Me For Texting" - Test Texts are always free and don't even count towards your 50 free messages.  

            SUCCESS - You have sent your first message. 

            Here are some additional helpful hints:

            Greeting & Signature

            We have a unique Greeting and Signature feature.  Your customers may get texts from other retailers on the same or different text numbers.  So it's helpful to come up with a consistent look and feel for your texts.  LoyalShops helps out in two ways.  By adding Emoji's that we support with your LoyalShops texts, you get a very colorful statement instead of black and white blah.  Then, we offer the Greeting and Signature feature.  These two sections will be added to each of your texts and are saved for all your messages until you change them.  This way, you can create either a branded Greeting, Signature or both with
            for greater impact.  Don't forget to put in your Name somewhere there.  This way, after you have created your unique branding, now you only need to focus on your content each time you send a message knowing your branding is already included.  

            SMS & MMS

            SMS messages are up to 160 characters and emoji's count as 2 characters.  The REply STOP 2 quit or HELP is a message that is required at least in one of your messages each month but not required in every message.  So if you need to squeeze a 160 character message, you can remove that message, but please add it back at least once a month for regulatory texting compliance.  

            Once you cross over 160 character count, we will automatically switch the message into an MMS message and allow you to continue creating your message.  Please realize that MMS Messages cost approx. 2X the cost of SMS Messages.  So if you cross over to an MMS Message size and only wish to send an SMS, then look at your Characters Remaining count and get it back to 160 total or less by creatively shortening your message.  Then, you can switch your message back to SMS to save cost.

            Select A Previous Text

            We save all your previous text messages for easy recall, modification and sending out again.  We save your messages separately if they are SMS vs. MMS. So, if you choose to send an MMS message, the previous messages in the list are only the MMS messages you have sent.  One limitation to saved message recall for MMS Messages.  If you pick a previous MMS Message, we can't save your picture from before, so please add a picture into the saved MMS before you send it out.  

            Smart Texting Lists

            When a customer signs up to your texting service, we currently mark them as members of your "Shop Live", "Shop Albums" and "Specials" Lists.  We do not mark them as "Open House".  Both you or the customer can choose to add them to "Open House" at any time as you can also either of you can alter their other Smart Texting Lists.  In the future, we will be automating this "Open House" feature to auto-select it with AutoPunch data based on how far they live from you.  Your customers can change these settings in the "Customer Texting Adjustments Web Page".  The link to that page is available under the Grow Subscribers Menu.  You can change all your customers Smart List settings in the Texting Dashboard page.  

            Updated: 12 Nov 2019 09:01 AM
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