ReplySold Barcode and Inventory FAQ

Reply Sold - Barcoding And Inventory

Barcoding & Inventory Setup & Testing

ReplySold requires a Shopify Store and for optimum usage, a Barcode Scanner. The Barcode Scanner attaches to a phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth or, if need be, USB. You then read barcodes on the products, and that sends the barcodes to the ReplySold Live Dashboard service during your Live Sale. With that information, we can identify the product, price, any variations, and stock levels.   

Any modern barcode scanner should work with ReplySold.  Here are some things to keep in mind.  
  1. Connect the barcode scanner to the device you are going to run ReplySold Live Dashboard using Bluetooth or USB.
  2. Go to ReplySold Barcode & Inventory Tester Service to verify the scanner is working with ReplySold, your Shopify store is connecting and reading inventory correctly. To pair your barcode scanner with Bluetooth, you can look in your specific instructions for your barcode scanner.  But several barcode scanners will start looking for a computer device to pair with after approx—a 10-second trigger hold.  If not, refer to your specific barcode directions for pairing instructions or connect via USB.
  3. If you are using a phone or tablet, only the barcoder or the virtual keyboard will work.  Many barcode tools will let you dynamically toggle between your virtual keyboard on your mobile device and the barcoder as the input device with a 3-4 second trigger hold. 
  4. For Consignment stores or other stores with your inventory split between your brick and mortar store system and Shopify, please make sure you move over your inventory into Shopify before going Live. The Barcode and Inventory tester can quickly detect barcodes and match them to your products, giving you the confidence that those items will work during the Live. 
  5. Barcode Scanner batteries last up to a week or even two weeks based on use but remember to charge it, so you aren't surprised during a Live. 
  6. If you need to purchase a barcode scanner for use with ReplySold.  My first choice is the Inateck P7 and second choice Inateck BCST-70:  Inateck P7 - Bluetooth Barcode Scanner from Amazon or . Inateck P7 - USB Dongle & Bluetooth Bluetooth Scanner from Inateck Website or Inateck BCST-70 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner from Amazon. The P7 has three connection methods, USB, Bluetooth and includes a USB stick for more distance or use with computers that do not have Bluetooth, it is also quite fast and can even read barcodes on displays.  The BCST-70 is USB and Bluetooth and does well with barcodes, but not quite as fast or read super small barcodes or smeared barcodes as the P7 can.   
  7. The P7 comes with a USB Bluetooth Dongle for extra range.  But if you get the BCST-70 and have a computer without Bluetooth, then here is an affordable Bluetooth USB device that will add Bluetooth to your computer.  Also you don't need a Bluetooth dongle for IOS or Android Phones, Tablets, or Mac computers as most modern mobile devices include Bluetooth.  TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adaptor
  8. If you Barcode in consignment software and that software is Liberty 5 or Consign Pro, they offer service levels and features to bring the product over to Shopify so we can access those products during the sale.  For Liberty, contact them to set up your system for ReplySOLD.  For Traxia, follow the Traxia SimpleConsign Integration.  For Computer Peeps, contact them as well for instructions, and you are already set with ResaleGlobal. 
  9. If you do not have barcodes for your products in Shopify, you can install the free Shopify Retail Barcode Labels Application and add barcodes to all products in your store that don't already have them.  Then as you add new products, run that application again choosing for it to add barcodes to any new products without barcodes.  
  10. Print out barcodes and apply them to products so it's easy to use the barcodes with all the products you want to sell via Live.
  11. ReplySold will use pictures if they are included with a product, but ReplySold will functional without pictures as well.  
  12. Products must be in Shopify, but they do not need to be in a collection or viewable on the website.  
  13. When using your barcoder with ReplySold, the barcoder should read the barcode and immediately show you the product.  if it just enters a number and you have to hit enter, find the manual and configure your barcoder to send an enter or line feed at the end of the barcode reading.  It's an option in any modern barcoder.

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