Integration of Traxia SimpleConsign with ReplySOLD

Integration of Traxia SimpleConsign with ReplySOLD

Integration of Traxia SimpleConsign with ReplySOLD

The Traxia team has been great and helped us build deeper integration of SimpleConsign with ReplySOLD.  Once configured, ReplySOLD will be able to barcode and sell both Shopify products as well as any products only on the Traxia SimpleConsign store database as long as the products are in good standing (not expired, damaged, sold, etc).  

Here are the steps to install this new capability to sell Live even more efficiently with LoyalShops and Traxia!

Step 1) log in to your Shopify store and go to the Apps menu:
Step 2:) Choose the SimpleConsign application

3) Choose the Generate Key button to create a key you can share with LoyalShops and allow access to your inventory for ReplySOLD.

Step 4) Highlight and copy your unique long key to your device's clipboard carefully, making sure you get all of it.  

Step 5) Log in to LoyalShops Service and choose ReplySOLD Menu, then Live Dashboard

Step 6) Click in the Teal box in the Traxia SimpleConsign area of ReplySOLD Setup, then Paste your SimpleConsign API Key.  

Step 7) Choose the Save Settings button at the bottom of ReplySOLD:

You now have configured Traxia SimpleConsign to allow ReplySOLD to access inventory in your store that is not in Shopify.  

Please try the Barcode and Inventory Tester first and sample merchandise throughout your store.  Please get back to us with any issues found. 

You may find that accessing the first item may take a bit longer, try scanning it once more.  Please reach back to us with any issues.   If all is working well, then go ahead and go live with ReplySOLD and have access to more of your inventory throughout the store.