Send Bless Receipts To Gmail Email (For LuLaRoe Retailers using non-gmail Bless email address

            If you are with LuLaRoe and your email is not a account, you want to keep your non-gmail address your Bless address, you can get just your receipts sending to a gmail address.  This will allow you to use AutoPunch or AutoCount to automatically bring in your customers & purchases into LoyalShops.  

            1) If you don't have a Gmail email address yet, please set one up with Google at:
            2) Log into Bless, go to Account and choose Settings

            3) Scroll down to What e-mail address should receipts and invoices to: and put in your gmail email address and choose the "Save Changes" button. 

            4) AutoPunch or AutoCount
            AutoCount will add new customers as they purchase as well as their purchases.  AutoPunch will do the same as AutoCount and will give Punches or Points if you have our Loyalty Program enabled.  Only use AutoPunch with Loyalty Enabled, otherwise, use AutoCount for all other situations including a Pro account with Loyalty disabled.  

            The instructions for AutoCount are in the AutoCount menus located under the main Texting, Email and Loyalty menus.  

            Here is the instructions for AutoPunch for LuLaRoe using our Loyalty:

            For Loyalty Customers with AutoPunch.  If you want to bring in past customers and their purchases to bring LoyalShops up to date for all your sales, you can go to the email menu / AutoCount and just do Step 1.  (don't do AutoCount Step 2 as it's redundant to the above AutoPunch instructions.)

            Updated: 12 Nov 2019 05:46 AM
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