Live Assistant - First Time Instructions

            Live Assistant can go live in a Page, not but to a Group.  This is because Facebook removed the ability for any application to access groups a while back.  We hope to get this functionality back, but not at this time.  If you go Live on a Page, you can Share with Copy URL into a Group and both the Pages and Groups can then see commenting. Below is step by step instructions for the first time startup.

            First Time Instructions

            You can use Live Assistant from if you have the Pro Version of  LoyalShops Loyalty Rewards Service or a Live Assistant stand alone Subscription.  No obligations and you can pay month to month or by signing up to a year, you get two months free and if you cancel at any time, you will get a prorated refund on yearly subscriptions.  

            A) Prep - The best practice is to start your Live and Live Assistant from your Business Page and share manually into your Group.  When you do this, commenting on Live Assistant will be seen in both your Page and your Group.

            It never hurts to practice any new tool with a test page (instead of in your shopping page).  So you can go Live in a Test Page and try out Live Assistant before your Live with customers.  This is optional, but it helps you feel more comfortable.  

            Live Assistant can run along with your Live on a PC or Mac.  If you use Phones or Tablets, you will need to run your Live on one and Live Assistant on the other device.  Live Assistant can run on any modern web-enabled device.  As Live Assistant uses large fonts, it even works great on the small screen of a phone.  This way, you can use a larger screen like a Tablet or Notebook to run your FB Live so it's easier to read all the comments from your customers on the larger screen.  

            B) Quick Start 

            Go to the Live Dashboard page.  When you first get there, you will see Live Assistant needing to Log into Facebook.  Make sure you are logging in with your account that has rights to your Business page (Picture 1).  Click on the Blue Continue with Facebook Button.  Then, if you aren't already logged into Facebook on that device, you may be asked for your Facebook credentials.  Facebook needs this to tell Live Assistant what pages your an admin on.  (See Picture 2).

            The next prompt states that Live Assistant will receive your Friends List.  LoyalShops uses this to record who claimed items.  Chose Continue as "YourName" - Picture 3.  Facebook will also ask for Live Assistant to manage your business - Picture 4 - This gives us permission to comment on your Business Page on your behalf.    

            3) Turn off any power management/screen savers that will cause Live Assistant to go to sleep.  If it's asleep, Live Assistant won't respond. 


            After following the Facebook approvals, It will take you to a page to choose your Streaming Location  (Picture 5) - n the Select Live Streaming Location - Choose one of the Business Pages you manage, then a new pull down will appear below that and choose "A new live stream".  - Now Live Assistant is ready and waiting for you to start your LIVE on that page you choose.  Keep Live Assistant Dashboard up and running.  Then on a second device, start your Live and Live Assistant will wake up and begin helping you.  The Live Assistant will post an initial Comment with Sales Instructions (these instructions can be changed in the Settings page.  Also, when this comment comes up, this will reassure you that Live Assistant is up and running correctly.  


            5) Running a LIVE with Live Assistant

            Once your Live is Up and Running, and you have seen the initial Comment from Live Assistant, you are ready to go.  BTW, the initial comment post is fully configurable on the Live Assistant Settings Page.  Now, as your customer comment during your Live, Live Assistant will be looking for the three Keywords Sold, Pass & Claim, unless you have changed them in Live Assistant Settings.  

            The first customer to state Sold and an Item Number will claim the item and it will be listed at the top of the Live Dashboard as well as will be commented to the customers that the FB User has claimed Item Number.  If a second person tries to claim the item, it will also respond that they are on the wait list in case it becomes available, the customer's name is now listed as runner up #2 Red Ribbon and is told in a comment they didn't get the claim, but could if #1 Passes.  

            Finally, additional requests are noted in case there is more than one, or the initial two customers are not interested claiming the item.  The new claims are always at the Top and significantly larger font.  This is done so you can easily read a new sale from a presentation distance.  As new claims come in, they will be streamed below the latest claim.

             At the top of the page is a set of gears.  This will let you change Live Source (New Stream, Current Stream or previously recorded stream) or turn off bot commenting if there is a reason to do so.  

            You would pick a new Stream when you wanted to setup for an upcoming Live Sale.  If you needed to start Live Assistant after the beginning of the sale or in case of a problem, you can choose "The Current Stream", turn off commenting, let Live Assistant catch up, then turn commenting back on. It will pick up any recent Sold & Pass Comments it may have missed.  Those new entries will then be added to the Sales Page for that session.  

            When you are done with your Live, you can keep Live Assistant running and it will continue to watch for claims after your live has ended via the Live Posted Video.  It will FB Message anyone that wins and the Live Dashboard will update in real time.  

            You can also use Live Assistant for Speed Videos.  Record Your Video just like a Live with Claim Numbers and using your Keyword Number for claims.  Then post your Video and with Live Dashboard, choose the Business Page, but instead of picking "A New Stream", pick the Speed Video below.  Live Assistant will now monitor your Speed Video. 
            This is useful to post a Live and allow customers to "Shop the Replay", then you can run the Live again on that Replay to see if you captured additional sales.  

            Once  Live or Shop the Replay is over, then go to the Live History page and see claims are listed by Customer, then their Claims.

            Let us know if you have futher questions at



            Updated: 21 Aug 2019 06:00 AM
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