Importing & Populating Customers Styles & Sizes for Bridge Personal Shopper Emails

            LoyalShops Bridge has the ability to send Personalized Shopper Emails based on specific customers past purchases.   To do this, we need to have AutoPunch capturing customer sales if you use our Loyalty with AutoPunch or export sales from LuLaroe Bless and import into LoyalShops or even do both to capture earlier than AutoPunch was started.  If you have our Loyalty, Imported purchases will not count as Loyalty Points or Punches.

            If you wish to Export your Orders from Bless, following these instructions:

            1) Login to the web portal for Bless, click on Sales, then Complete Orders

            2) Choose a date range to pull receipts.  It can be since you started to today or one full year.  The more orders you can bring in, the better we can target your customers.  The first date box is the starting date and second box is latest date (like today), then hit "Search".

            3) Once you choose Search and gave it a chance to load those results, then choose the Download CSV button.  

            4) It will create an ExportOrders.CSV file or similar nam(Number).csv file.  You can now logout of Bless.  

            5) In LoyalShops / Bridge / Personal Shopper Email Section, look for Upload a .csv of your customers purchased items.  Click Choose File button and choose the ExportOrders.csv file you recently downloaded (likely in your downloads directory)
            6) Your done, we have now imported your customers purchases, added any new customers to LoyalShops and can now start automatically sending them Personal Shopper Emails based on their past buying behavior.  
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