FB Icon won't click in Live Assistant?

            If you click on the Red FB Live Icon and nothing happens, here are a couple of ideas:

            A) Check for a Pop-Up Blocker with your web browser.  If you find it stopping a pop-up, please enable it for our site.  

            B) Try another device (phone, tablet or computer) from what your using.

            C) If a Mac, we have seen issues with Safari, but Chrome and Firefox work well.

            D) Delete and re-install our FB Live Assistant App

            1) Use a computer

            2) Load Facebook in a browser

            3) Top right there is a down arrow, click.

            4) Choose Settings

            5) On far left side, click the Apps button.

            6) Look for the Live Assistant icon and choose the remove option.

            7) Go back to Live Assistant and run the dashboard.  It should have you put in your FB Credentials, ask you a few questions, choose all defaults (except choose Public when they ask you who Live Assistant can comment for.

            Updated: 13 Jun 2018 04:25 AM
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