Custom Logo on your Loyal Shops Loyalty Card

            You can choose your own custom LoyalShops Loyalty Card Logo.  When you are creating your card, choose "Choose File" from the Upload your own logo section.  Your logo must file must be sized at 405 pixel Wide by 125 pixels high.   We recommend using a transparent background so that the logo blends in better with the card design, though this is your choice.  Another optional recommendation is adding a drop shadow to your logo so that it stands out from the backgrounds.  

            Adding a Custom Logo after you already have customers.  

            If your not ready for a custom background, just pick one of our available options, then you can chance your logo at a later time.  

            Once you have active customers on a card you have designed, changing the logo will instantly change the card for those customers.  For that reason, we recommend building a test card to try out your logo until you get it just right.  Then, with the final logo, upload that to your active customer cards and bam, you have personalized all your customers cards!

            Updated: 13 Jun 2018 04:27 AM
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