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             Loyal Shops offers a way to bulk invite customers into LoyalShops so you can email them or invite them via email to your texting service and more.  

            Here is a Video walking through how to go from a list in Google Sheets you want to import to importing into LoyalShops.   This Video shows just a 2 column import of name and email, but a 4 column import of "firstname", "lastname", "phone" & "email" is also supported.  


            Two Key Steps For Inviting Many Customers: 

            You can batch import your customers into LoyalShops.  Also, if you already have customers imported, you can update/import more at any time.  Don't worry if there are customers already invited to your lists, we won't invite the same person twice.  Also, if you have updated Name or Phone numbers in your import, we will update your current LoyalShops records with those.

            1) Create a customer list in Google Sheets.  

            note: If you don't have a gmail address and no access to google sheets, you can send your list to us at, letting us know you wish to have it imported into your account.  We will happily take care of that whenever you need.

            1a) Create a new list from your own source.  note: If you are cutting out a table from a website of your contact information, try using Chrome as your browser, it does a better job than other browsers of pasting the data into spreadsheets properly.  


            1b) Export Customer Contact Information from your point of sale system.

            1c) When Batch Importing, sometimes you have a list with the full name in one column and the email in another, yet sometimes you may have a First Name Column, Last Name Column and Email.  We support both styles, but you need to label the columns correctly so our service can recognize them properly.

            Valid Import Headers (name the first row with labels that describe the customer data below:

            If your data has a customer's full name combined, make sure your column headers are:

            name / email / phone
            names / emails / phone

            If your data has a customers firstname and last name column separated, then make sure the column headers are:

            firstname / lastname / email / phone

            So your list should look like one of these two options depending on if your customer's full name is in one column or two

            1d) Name that sheet something descriptive like "YourName Import 8-5-17"

            1e) Exit your Google Sheet, it is automatically saved.

            In addition, we import phone numbers as well.  Label the phone column "phone" and we will import / update customer records we find with their phone numbers.  One example sheet ready to import could look like this:

            2) Import your Customer List from Google Sheets into LoyalShops

            3a) From the Customer Dashboard, Email Dashboard or Texting Dashboard, click on the orange Import Google Sheets Customer List. 

            3b) You should now see a Customer Import window like the following:


            If you can see the Import window, please proceed to step 3d)

            3c) If you don't see a window emerge and the screen is blank, there may be one of two issues:

            - You have a pop-up blocker stopping the window from popping up  For Chrome, there is a red icon on the far right of the URL bar to click on and say allow Pop-Ups always from  If not Chrome, look for help on turning off a pop-up blocker in your browser for our site.

            3d) If your using Chrome, sometimes you are logged into the wrong email account with your browser, either log out of your browser or log into the right email.  

            3e) Once you see the Import window, the top selector bar lets you choose one of your Google Sheets.  We automatically select your latest spreadsheet, so it may already be selected.  

            3f) Then choose Begin Importing.  We will then show you a sample of up to 5 names and email addresses.  VERY IMPORTANT:  This sample needs to look like names, email addresses and phone numbers.  If it doesn't, please do not proceed as you could import the wrong information.  If it doesn't look right, then use the Show me the "How To" guide and try and adjust your spreadsheet to have the proper header names or look for another issue.  Or just share the import sheet with us and we will work with you to get it working correctly at

            If the sample data looks good, then choose "Yes continue import".  

            When finished, it will tell you how many customers have been imported.  If it skipped some customers, it's because they were already in your customer database as we won't invite anyone twice.

            Congratulations, you have completed your Customer Batch Import!

            New customer imports will be listed as Processing for up to an hour.  We validate the email addresses before enabling them in our system to maintain a quality list in loyalshops and that helps us have higher delivery rates for you.  Once they are processed correctly, they will show invited or added, or a punch status if you are using our loyalty program and they purchased.  

            Updated: 26 Mar 2019 08:36 PM
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