What gets punched and why - LuLaRoe

What gets punched and why - LuLaRoe

For AutoPunching with new Bless, here are the facts:

1) 100% Order Discount Rule: We won't punch any items in an order if the order is a 100% Order Discount.

2) 100% Line Item Discount Rule: We won't punch any 100% Line Item Discounts.

3) Partial Order Discounts are punched: We will punch items in an Order Discount if that order discount is less than 100%.  We can't tell how to apply a partial order discount, so we do not.  We recommend line item discounts instead if you wish to punch some, yet not all items.

4) Partial Line Item Discounts Optional Punching: If you partially discount a line item, you decide if it's punched or not.  In the AutoPunch Dashboard, there is an option to "Punch Discounted Items" and it's turned on.  In this default mode, we will punch partially discounted items.  But if you set this to no, it will not punch partially discounted line items.  

So, if you sell 3 items and 1 is a 100% Line Item Discount (it's free), then we will punch 2 for that order.  If you sell 3 items and all three items are discounted, then the customer will receive 0 punches.

5) Don't Punch Below $X: You can also set a limit where items below a set $ amount won't punch.  Find that option in the AutoPunch Dashboard as well.  

Starting with New Bless, they added Line Item Discounts if you were unaware.  When you add an item, you can slide your finger on the item to the left to reveal the Delete and Line Item Discount menu.  From there, you can decide to 100% Discount an item or partially discount an item.