Landing Page Embedding with IFrame - Embedding a landing page include customer registration into another website

Landing Page Embedding with IFrame - Embedding a landing page include customer registration into another website

You can use our Landing Page tool to create a simple webpage including one for Registration.  But there are also those that have a full website and wish to embed parts of our Landing Page capabilities into their own website.  You can do this and here are the key ways.  To do so, you will have to adjust some HTLM code and embed that into your website, so while this is not too difficult, it is a more advanced capability and you may need help from someone with website coding experience.   

You can use a feature called IFraming to create this capability. 

1) Create a Landing Page, make it Live.  This page can be a full Landing Page, or perhaps just the Customer Input Block for capturing customer information. 

If you do use the Text Opt-in Field, please make sure the texting boilerplate text on how to opt out, etc is also shown on your website along with the signup form.  You can show this in the form or just copy this text and put it into your website right below the opt in form.
Required Legal Text Opt-In Text to be included with Text Opt In Forms (adjust this text with your Keyword information:
When adding your phone number to this registration, you will be sent a request to join *YOUR KEYWORD* Text Shopping Notifications
You can also adjust text notifications on your phone by messaging 95328 with any of the following messages:
"STOP" - To stop text notifications from the messaging program that texted you last.
"STOP KEYWORD" - To stop a specific keyword program that texts you.
"STOP ALL" - To stop all text notifications from the LoyalShops Texting Service. No further messages will be received.
"START KEYWORD" - To opt-In or resume text notifications from the Keyword program.
"HELP" - To receive help information from your phone, including what messaging programs you have opted-in.
*YOUR KEYWORD- Recuring Messages - Msg & Data Rates May Apply.
Text notifications by LoyalShops, LLC
Terms & Conditions ( / Privacy Policy (

2) Retrieve Landing Page URL: Copy the URL to that Landing Page, you will incorporate it in the next step.  Let's assume it's this "" as our example landing page URL.

3) Add Landing Page HTML To Website: Go to your Website and look for a feature to drop in HTML code or have a Webmaster input this code for you.

<iframe src="" border="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="1300px"></iframe> 

You can also copy this above URL already created on our landing page "This Pages URL"  "Embeded Landing Page Content Into Full Website" example, please use the contents on your own landing page:

Save this on your website and then see how it looks.  

4) Landing Page Height on the website - In this example, the height is set to 1300 pixels (height=1300px).  This is just an approximation of the height of a standard full landing page.  Depending on how much content you put in your landing page, you may need to increase or decrease this height until the widget looks great on mobile and desktop devices.    

Best wishes,

LoyalShops Support