Updated: Live Assistant - Live Dashboard Live Launching Update - Platform Aware - Reducing Retailer Broken Lives

Updated: Live Assistant - Live Dashboard Live Launching Update - Platform Aware - Reducing Retailer Broken Lives

Live Dashboard - Live Launching is now Platform Aware.

When we launched Live Assistant over five years ago, we helped create opportunities for retailers to sell on their business pages.  It was one retailer to one business page for the first 3 1/2 - 4 years and for many, this is the only way they sell on lives.   Recently quite a few entrepreneurial Retailers have created Business Pages with a good an amazing reach of shoppers and now rent time on their business pages.  These business pages are often delivered with additional value-added services by the business page owners.  These value-added live sales pages available to rent by the hour are often called "Platforms."  

At LoyalShops, we believe the concept of Platforms is outstanding, with Platform owners coming up with additional value-added services, including training on how to prepare and run efficient live sales, renting out our services with a shared account licensed from us at LoyalShops, consulting and delivering a great place to sell with an already ready group of shoppers.

As we initially designed Live Assistant as a Live Sales tool for one retailer on one page, when many retailers with many bots of ours are all on the same Platform, there are bound to be some issues.  So we have had some issues with retailers accidentally choosing other retailers' live streams, and that can end up damaging the live data, stopping the bot from running correctly, etc.  

With the development of Live Assistant Pro, we designed Live Assistant Pro grounds up to know, support, and even thrive in a Platform environment working towards having multiple retailers live simultaneously as well as insulating one retailer's lives and sales from another. 

We are now taking some key parts of the Live Assistant Pro capabilities and applying them to Live Assistant to improve reliability when using Live Assistant, particularly on Platforms.  

Going forward, Live Assistant will recognize Shared Platforms, and during setup for your lives, you will see the Shared Platform Logo.

Besides numerous under-the-hood changes to support more robust and resilient Live Sales, we have made some changes that can change how you go live going forward.

Non-Platform Page Behavior

If you are on a non-shared / non-platform page, there will continue to be two options given for Live Sales:
 You can click on the "Wait for your live" option, and Live Assistant will go into a mode looking for the very next live to start and will connect to it.  This is the same basic feature that has always existed in Live Assistant.

Second, instead of showing a list of all lives and posted videos on the page, we will show lives and posted videos that no one has accessed with our services or lives/videos your account has previously accessed.  In other words, if another retailer connects to a live, we hide that live from other accounts to make it clearer and avoid accidents.  


If we recognized the page as a Shared Platform Page (many retailers using the same page), we remove the "Wait for your live" option entirely.  This eliminates the chance of one retailer choosing this feature, then another retailer going live and connecting to the wrong Live Service (Bot).  

Then within seconds of a Live Video Starting, it pops up and the can be Chosen, now listing the Live Description as well.