SQUARE ONLY - AutoPunch Receipt Forwarding from Square

SQUARE ONLY - AutoPunch Receipt Forwarding from Square

Below is a step by step walkthrough with pictures.  Please complete this walkthrough with a PC or MAC and requires a Gmail account to be used that your receipts are being delivered to.  

The email you use for Square receipts to be received and your LoyalShops EMAIL MUST BE THE SAME.  If you need to change the LoyalShops email, do so in Settings / User Settings.  Save Settings, log out, and log back in with the new email address.  This is how we know that the customer receipts are yours.

Here we will walk you through setting up Auto Forwarding of Consultant Consumer Emails with Gmail. 

A) Login to your Gmail account, then choose the Gear (1) 

B) , Then (2) Click on All Settings or Settings depending on the version you are seeing. 

C) Click on (3) Forwarding and POP/IMAP, then click on (4) "Add a forwarding address"

D) Proceed with adding "autopunchsquare@loyalshops.com" forwarding email address, then click Next.  Click on Proceed (6) to accept autopunch@loyalshops.com as a potential forwarding address.   It may look like you may forward all your email by choosing this option, but actually, these steps are just an authorization to forward emails once approved. It will still be disabled after this step is completed and you have full control over what is forwarded.

E) At this stage, LoyalShops gets an email from Google asking for our permission to allow you to forward the email to us. Your screen in the forwarding section will look like (7) below with verifying autopunchsquare@loyalshops.com.  There is nothing you need to do, except check back and see if this screen changes or you get an email from us stating your AutoPunch is approved. If it doesn't, we haven't approved your forwarding request yet. This is a manual process for us.  We will try and get to it right away, but sometimes we need an hour or two or if it's late, we will get to it in the morning.  Either way, once it's approved, we will send you a confirmation email and you can proceed to the next step.  You do not need a confirmation code, we approve for you.   Once we have, it will look like (8).  


Under most situations, we will try and approve these within 30 minutes as this approval step is a manual process on the LoyalShops side, but hey, if it's the middle of the night, we have to sleep sometime ;)   So give us up to 12 hours to approve auto-forwarding.  This approval process has to be approved, before continuing.  As soon as we approve, we will send you an Approved AutoPunch email stating so.

This is what the screen will look like once it's approved (8).  PLEASE ENSURE "Disable forwarding" is set (8).  This step just enables the ability to forward mail, in the next few steps we will tell Gmail exactly what type of mail to forward as we only want to forward receipts.  You do not need a Confirmation Code.

AFTER APPROVAL (LEAVE IT ON DISABLE FORWARDING!, Otherwise you send all your email to LoyalShops)

F) Telling Gmail to Send just the Square Receipts

We now want to look at the Gmail Top Menu Options and click on "Filters and Blocked Addresses" (9).  

Now, in the Filters menu,

click on "Create a new filter" (10).

G) To to the entry box "Has the words" (11) and type exactly "Invoice Paid:"

Then, click on the "Create filter with this search"  (12)

H) We are in the home stretch!  Find the Forward it to: and click the Forward button and choose from the dropdown menu, autopunchsquare@loyalshops.com (13).  Then, finally, choose the "Create Filter" button (14).

I) You should now see in the Filters Menu: Matches: "invoice Paid" for your invoice

                                                                     Do this: Forward to autopunchsquare@loyalshops.com   (15)

If so, you are now set up to receive Auto Punches from Gmail - CONGRATS!!!

If you run into issues, please look at these screens from top to bottom, when you find the first place where your screens do not look like yours, then send us an email and a description of the issue you're encountering and we will help you.   We find that often in Step F, that customers put additional content in the From, To, and Subject boxes.  We also see that in step 8 people often put Forward a copy too - and thus send all their email to us.  These issues will cause the forwarding to fail.