SHOPIFY ONLY - AutoPunch Receipt Processing from Shopify

SHOPIFY ONLY - AutoPunch Receipt Processing from Shopify

Below is a step by step walkthrough with pictures for setting up Autopunch with your Shopify Store.
This process requires a Loyalty Rewards Pro account and for you to have Admin access to the Shopify Store you wish to connect to.  Unlike our other Autopunch methods, Shopify does not require a Gmail email address. If you have a secondary Point Of Sale Solution, Shopify and that secondary Point Of Sale System can co-exist.

STEP 1) Go to the Autopunch Dashboard and ensure that AutoPunch is Enabled - See Figure 1) below.

Punch Discount Options

STEP 2) You can choose that if items are either below a certain price or are discounted below a certain price, they will not generate a punch.  The default $0.00 setting means this feature is disabled.  For example, if you set this to $15.00, then an Item that is $15.00 or higher in cost will pass this test and can be punched.  If the item is $14.99 or lower after any discounts, then the item will not generate a punch.  You can change this setting at any time and it will affect future purchases going forward and for your initial import of legacy purchases.  See Item Fig 2) below.

STEP 3) For Shopify specifically, we offer one additional discount rule.  If any item is discounted beyond the listed percent off, it will not punch.  Above 100% means the feature is disabled.  

Let's walk through an example:

You have earrings for $5
You have a Shirt for $25
You have a Dress for $35
You have a Necklace for $50

Example 1:
You have Don't Punch under $20 set.
You have Don't punch if item discounted above 30%

The customer uses a 40% off coupon for 1 Shirt
Customer buys the following:

1 pair Earrings for $5
1 Shirt for $25
1 Dress for $35 (Coupon reduces costs to of dress to $21)
1 Necklace for $50

We will record all 4 purchases in the Customers History File
The Pair of Earrings are below your minimum punch level of $20 and won't punch.
The Shirt is above the minimum purchase level and will punch.
The Dress (after the coupon is above the minimum purchase price for punching, but greater than the set maximum 30% discount rate.  So due to exceeding the discount rule, the dress won't punch.
The Necklace is $50 so neither the minimum purchase level is hit, nor was it discounted above 40%.  This item will punch.

So the customer bought four items but will receive two punches for the Shirt and the Dress.  Since the two other items are either just too low of a cost to offer towards a free item or is heavily discounted, they do not generate a punch.

So take a moment and think through what settings you wish for these options.  It's important to decide now, because, during this setup, we will give you an opportunity to import up to 30 days of previous purchases into your account and the rules you set now will be applied to those orders.

Once you have made your selections to the Punch items under this amount and Items are discounted above X%, then proceed onto Step 4 below the Graphic.

STEP 4) Choose - Setup Shopify Autopunch Button Fig (4 to proceed. 

STEP 5) Enter the name of your Shopify Store.  See fig. 5).   Don't enter the full URL, just the unique part of your store name.

For example, your store URL may look something like  You would just enter "loyalshops" in this example.  Remember to not use "loyalshops", use your store's unique name.

STEP 6) You can import up to 30 days past purchases into LoyalShops.  Use Fig 6 to select how many days back you wish to import.  If you have already manually punched recent purchases, if you import them again, it will double count them.  

STEP 7)  Choose the Submit Button to begin the importing of purchases and enable AutoPunch to automatically track your customer's purchases automatically going forward.  Once complete, LoyalShops will within a minute, send out a welcome invite to your loyalty program if the customer is new.  Send mark down the number of punches based on their purchases and your set discount rules.  Send them a punch email telling them how many items have been punched and a detailed status of their Loyalty Program with you.  Record all their purchases items, variations,  price and date in each customers History record in the Customer Dashboard.  

STEP 8) You will need to enter your Shopify Store Credentials as below:

STEP 9) You may see a notice that our Application for Importing your receipts is not in the Shopify App Store yet.  We have submitted for this feature and awaiting store posting.  Just choose "Install Unlisted App" button to proceed  - see figure 8).

STEP 10) Congrats!  You have completed the Autopunch Setup for Shopify!  You
close this resulting Page.

STEP 11) You can now close the resulting final page.

If you choose to import previous purchases into LoyalShops, you can go back to the AutoPunch Dashboard and refresh the page.  If you have chosen to import previous purchases, you should see those now in the AutoPunch Dashboard or within 5 minutes. If you had Punch Emails turned on, your customers will have received Punch emails for those purchases.  

Great Job!!

If you have any issues, please reach out to us at 949-614-5650.