Facebook Country Restrictions & Reducing Harassment on Facebook Business Pages

Avoiding Live Sales Harassment on FB Business Pages - Settings / Removing Country Restrictions On Business Pages

Some unlucky retailers have abusive facebook personas jump on their lives and harass them during their lives.  It can be very distracting, demeaning and derail your live selling experience.  Over the years, we have found many of these harassers are often not from the United States.  

It is possible if the harassment continues to exclude your business page from being visible to Facebook users in certain countries or only visible to those in the United States.  This can be a powerful tool to stop the harassment, when blocking profiles isn't enough.  

I do recommending using this only temporarily until the specific harasser moves on, as there can be marketing impacts to having these restrictive settings.  

Once you set any business pages based on country, your business page is no longer viewable to anyone that isn't logged in to Facebook.   If you try and apply to a business texting application for example, the carriers review team has to review your marketing page.  If that marketing page is a Facebook Business Page, they won't be logged into Facebook.  They won't be able to view your page, thus the texting application would fail.  One example of the challenge for long term use.

To View / Edit your Country Restrictions on your FB Business Page from a computer web browser:

1) Change to your FB Business Page Profile and go to your business page. 

2) Click on the Profile / FB Menu Circle Icon and choose Settings & Privacy:

3) Now from the same menu, choose Settings.

4) On the left side of the screen, choose Privacy

5) Now choose "Public Posts" off the left menu.

6) Scroll down in the middle content to Restrictions / Country Restrictions and choose "Edit"

7) There you can enter a country and choose to only allow your business page content to be showed to that country or excluded from that country. 

Hope that helps!
LoyalShops Support