Pre-built Key Price-Point Barcodes for Live Assistant Pro Lives

Pre-built Key Price-Point Barcodes for Live Assistant Pro Lives

Live Assistant Pro can use Claim Item Numbers or Barcode Scanning to help bring up and claim inventory.  

Many of our retailers sell clothes or jewelry, and a barcode scanner has benefits during FB Lives.  If you sell clothes & accessories or jewelry or even other items with Live Assistant Pro, read on to learn one helpful way using a barcode scanner could accelerate pre-live prep of your inventory and be fully prepared to auto-invoice when we begin offering that optional service in Live Assistant Pro. 

We created barcode pages with Claim Item Numbers on them and Key selling price points.     You can see examples of the prices we covered below.  While not all price points are included, we tried to cover the usual price points products are sold at.  For example,  Claim Items 1-80 are all $5 and a description of Clothing & Accessories or Jewelry & Accessories depending on the Inventory CSV you use.  You can even modify this CSV file to be more customized or list other products besides Clothes & Jewelry.  These barcode sheets were built with standard Avery 18167 return address envelope stickers 1/2" high and 1 3/4" long.    We give you the PDFs of these barcodes and you can print out the sheets on your printer using the Avery-style sticker paper you can buy from office superstores or online.  Then these stickers can be applied onto hangers, bags, containers or other methods to attach to the products you sell.  Then during a live, you can barcode one of these, and it will bring up the product onto Live Dashboard, and it will send a comment into a live with that live information.   

We supply an inventory csv that you can load into Live Assistant Pro that knows these barcode details and will apply a product description to all of them of "Clothing & Accessories". However, you can change the product description in the CSV per barcode range to suit your business type. 

When starting Live Assistant Pro, the retailer would upload the inventory file that matches these Barcodes into the "Upload Inventory List Box"

You will need to load one of these CSV Inventory Files every time you go live using these barcodes!

Here is that inventory CSV file you can download if you sell Clothing: clothing-range-1-960.csv
Here is that inventory CSV file you can download if you sell Jewelry: jewelry-range-1-960.csv

If you offer other products besides Clothing or Jewelry, download either of these templates. While leaving the range claiming numbers & pricing the same, you can adjust the product_title descriptions to suit what products you are offering and use descriptor choices if you wish to show changes in value in the descriptions.  

Below is an example of a Live using these barcodes with the Clothing CSV File loaded then going live with these barcodes.  The retailer barcoded Item Number 350.

Below you can see Live Dashboard & when the item is barcoded, it shows up in Live Dashboard with item number, description, and price.  It also sends that information as a comment into the live as can be seen on the right.  Then the customer can claim the item "sold 350," and they are given the item. 

You can download the sheets of Barcodes below and then print them out with standard Avery 18167 return address envelope stickers 1/2" high and 1 3/4" long.    

These sheets of claim numbers can be printed onto the Avery 18167 blank label sheets that can be purchased at office superstores, Amazon, etc.  
We don't prefer the Avery branded labels because they are expensive and they have little strips that can peal off into your printer.  Below is a link for some great quality label sheets and awesome pricing.

Pre-Printed Claim Number / Barcodes
Another option is to buy barcode/numbered labels already pre-built.  You can then apply them to your products and build an Inventory CSV that gives them descriptions and prices.  When you barcode scan items, it will bring up the product onto Live Dashboard and send a comment with the product description/variants to the Live as a comment with the claim number.