Missing Page/Platform or Missing Edit Settings Option

Missing Page/Platform or Missing Edit Settings Option

If you have been given rights to a business page / platform and the page is not showing or you can't find the Edit Settings option to add it, please follow these instructions:

1) Use this link in a browser on the same device your using your LoyalShops Live Services:

2) Find Live Assistant in the Business Integrations Listing.

3a) If Edit Settings was missing, you may be able to add your pages in this View and Edit Section.  Add the Page/Platform and go back to the LoyalShops Live Service and run Live Dashboard again.  


3b) If Edit Settings was there, but your Page/Platform wasn't, Find the remove button in Live Assistant section on the right and click the remove button.  Then click remove once more.   The Live Assistant settings should now be removed.  Don't worry, this process doesn't hurt anything.  

4) Once you have removed the settings in Facebook for Live Assistant, go back to your Loyal Software and run Live Dashboard once again.

5) Then click  "Continue with Facebook"

6) Then click "Continue with Your Name"

7) You should now see the Edit Settings Option to choose and can add new business pages you have rights for.