Manual Firing of Shop Live Notifications

Manual Firing of Shop Live Notifications

Shop Live Notifications is a method to automatically send a text to your Shop Live list when you go Live.  There are times when Facebook doesn't cooperate and tell us when you went Live.  So we have created a backup to trigger Shop Live Texts.  It will also work well if you want to send a second text perhaps halfway through a live when you change product lines. 

We have now added a Shop Live Icon to the top of every page right of the page name. 

If you go Live, and the Shop Live doesn't fire or you just want to use this method to trigger the texts when you wish when going live.   Upon hitting this button, we will look at your Shop Live settings for what page you have previously chosen for Shop Live Texts, then we will look for an ongoing Live on your page. 

note: We look for the latest live that started on the page you choose, so be careful if you use this feature on pages that have many retailers going live at the same time.  

We then bring up this page:

If we can see a Live is going on, we will grab the link to that live and include it in your Shop Live Text.  If we can't see an ongoing live, we will create a link that leads to your Pages Live Videos.  Any Live Video will be the first one on the list.  

You can modify the text if you wish or just hit Send Live Text.  We default this text to the Shop Live Texting List.  Then you can close the window.

The Shop Live Logo at the top of the page will change and it will list that you sent a text to X people at Y time to reassure you the text was sent.   In this example, the text was texted to 5 people at 2:44pm.