LuLaRoe Only - Update Customers & Purchase History - Doesn't punch

LuLaRoe Only - Update Customers & Purchase History - Doesn't punch

If you wish to update customer history & fix missing emails, follow these quick instructions.

A) Login to the web portal for Bless on a computer, click on Sales, then Complete Orders (1)

B) Choose a date in the past you want to bring in history from.  If you want to bring in all your history, just pick a date before you started with LuLaRoe and it will bring in as much as they have (2) to today's date (3) i.e. 09/29/2020, and choose Search (4) to query the receipts during this gap. 

C) Once you choose to Search and gave it a chance to load results, then choose the Download CSV button (5).  

This will download the ExportOrders.csv file to your local downloads directory on your computer. 

D) Go to the Email menu, then choose the AutoCount submenu.

E) In the AutoCount Page, in Step 1, find the Choose File button and point to the ExportOrders.csv file you just created.  (note, it will be the latest ExportOrders file located in your downloads directory and may be called ExportOrders(X).csv where the X is an incremental number of exports you have done.  

F) Once you have selected the file, choose Upload and you will have successfully updated your customer names, emails and recent purchases into LoyalShops.