Live Texts Not Sending - Try Resetting Facebook Permissions

Live Texts Not Sending - Try Resetting Facebook Permissions

Reset Texting Shop Live Notifications
There are times when permissions between your profile, Texting, and Facebook become invalid or some other issue that doesn't allow Live texts to function correctly.

Follow these instructions to reset the credentials between your Facebook Profile & LoyalShops:

1) Make sure you logged into Facebook with your Facebook Profile.

2) Click the following link and it should take you to the Business. Integrations Settings in Facebook:

3) Look for the Live Assistant icon and select the checkbox on the right, then hit the Remove button in the top right corner (this will not affect your Live Assistant settings).

4) Then, when this "Remove LoyalShops Live Assistant? pop-up happens, just click Remove. NOTE: DO NOT Choose to delete posts or videos, leave it unchecked.
You're done on Facebook for these instructions.

5) Log out of Facebook.

6) Click this link: “

7) Authentidate with Facebook (listed as Step 2) by choosing Continue with Facebook, then logging into Facebook, Continue as you, then choose any business pages you wish to ever automatically text from and continue through the Facebook settings unchanged after that.

8) Choose your business page again (listed as Step 3) that you wish for us to monitor.

9) Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Save Settings.

Congrats, you have reset permissions in Facebook for LoyalShops. Please reach out if your Shop Live Notifications still do not work next time you go Live.


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