Live Assistant Pro - Sales History

Live Assistant Pro - Sales History

Sales History For Paparazzi Retailers

Once the Live is over, then go to the Sales History page and see claims sorted by Live Sale, or by Customer.  

Live Sale Sorting breaks up claims by each live sale.  You can open any Live Sale Summary by clicking anywhere on a live summary.  

In the example above, the live started on 4/19 at 9:58am.  9 items are still in carts for a total of $85 and 22 items have been marked checked out for $310 in closed sales.   Clicking on the summary will show the detail for each customer with claims and the status of their orders.
Many retailers like to invoice on a per live basis so this is the best sort method for per live sales management.  

In this expanded Live Sale, we show two customers have claimed items.  A reminder that claimed items are shown with a Blue Dot.  Items that are Runner-Up Waitlisted are shown with a Red Dot and Waitlists beyond runner-up are shown with a Silver Dot.  We the show the Claim Number, Product Title, the barcode label, Item Price, Trashcan Icon to delete the item and a Free Icon.  

Also note center below the profile page icon is an Export Sales button.  Clicking that will download a CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheet of that lives Sales History. 

Per Customer, you can see their name, Email, Zip Area, and Invoice Status.
If the customer is registered, you will see their email and zip here.  We recognized zip codes and apply the state as well to give you better information on where the customer is from.  If the customer didn't register, but you have their contact details, you can enter them here.   We will pull your Name, Email, and Zip information from your account, from any registration form filled out for your lives, and from the comments in the Facebook Lives with Emails and Zip Codes to help you with invoicing. 

You will notice with the Red Dot and SIlver Dot Waitlisted Items, those prices are shown, but with ( ) around them.  We want you to see the value of the items, but since these items are not in the customer's cart at this time, we put the ( ) around them and they don't count towards the cart totals shown.  

If you wish to give an item away for free, you can toggle the Free Icon on the far right of a claimed item.  The price for the item will flip to zero and the word FREE goes green to remind you it's to be a free item.  

Another group of retailers likes to periodically invoice every few days or twice a week or once a week.  For those retailers, we now offer a "Customer" Sort option.  This page prioritizes the sort by Customer and their checkout status, then there is a noted break between lives for reference.  So, if you have several lives in a week for example. all of those sales will show for the customers that claimed.  So if you invoice at the end of the week, you can work on a customer's invoice for all their week's claims across lives, then send them one invoice and mark their claims as "Invoice Sent".  Once they pay, you can mark them "Invoice Paid".   Once current claimed Items are marked from Invoice Ready (default state) to either Invoice Sent or Invoice Paid, then any new claims to come in after that will be marked Invoice Ready to start the cycle over again.