Live Assistant Pro - Paparazzi Inventory Pre-Loading

Live Assistant Pro - Paparazzi Inventory Pre-Loading

Inventory Pre-Loading For Paparazzi Retailers

Live Assistant Pro (LAP) is designed to be used with a barcode scanner for optimum efficiency in preparing for a live and during the live.  Live Assistant Pro understands the Paparazzi Barcodes, so we can identify the type of jewelry, the price, individual pieces vs. sets and if stated, what key colors of the jewelry.  It is possible to hand enter barcodes.  If you do, remember to include the hyphens as well. 

Live Assistant Pro allows a retailer to pre-load inventory before you go live.  This is not an absolutely necessary step but likely makes the live easier and more efficient. 

Why would you want to pre-configure inventory? 

LAP will default any loaded product to quantity 1.  If you have multiple quantities, it's better to barcode that item before you go live and enter the correct inventory level.  That way, when barcoded during the live, it starts with the correct inventory level.  If you only have qty 1 of an item or set, it is not needed to pre-scan the item for quantity.  Even if the item has qty > 1, it is possible to click on the Qty 1 option during the live and increase the qty, though we consider this a backup plan and find inventory pre-set more efficient.  

We will automatically assign a friendly claim number and in the example below, an item barcoded during a live, you can see its assigned claim number 88.  

Then the customer can claim the item with a "Sold 88".

Claim Number can equal Your Inventory Storage Number!
Depending on how you manage the storage of your inventory, you may have a collection of bags or boxes, etc that hold each unique piece of jewelry and each of those storage locations has a unique inventory tag listing the location/sort order for storage.  Some common ones could include E100 for Earrings Item 100, or B200 or Bracelet 200, or whatever method of numbering you use.  If you have such an inventory method and your chosen inventory scheme uses easy-to-remember characters, you can choose to pre-load all your inventory and not only change the quantity, but also change the Claim Number to match each inventory piece's inventory location number.  That way, if you changed the example item above from 88 to item N100 for Necklace item 100 inventory location, then the claim number would become N100 and a customer would claim the item with Sold N100.  This would also give you a Sales History report at the end of the live that showed N100 as the claim number thus making it much easier for you to find this item in your inventory to pull it for an order.  If you choose to replace the default claim numbers with your own inventory positions, then you will want to pre-scan all your inventory to change out this claim number along with adjusting inventory quantities for > 1 qty items. 

If your Inventory Storage Number is too long/complicated for using as the claim number, you could also append that storage number to the Product Title or Style/Color fields as they will also show on your Sales History page.  

Live Assistant Pro Pre-Scanning Inventory 

If you ever notice a red box around the SKU or Barcode box, the Live Assistant Pro browser page doesn't have focus as you clicked on another window.  If that is the case, the barcodes will send to the other window.  Just click back in the barcode box, so the red box is removed, and continue scanning. 

Once you are ready to scan in products and make adjustments, scanning a piece of jewelry will fill in the barcode, then bring up an Inventory Adjustment Page.  In this case, it's  Barcode P2SE-BLXX-497EF, and that is a Necklace that is blue color accented and a price of $5.  All products start at a qty of 1.  The qty amount is highlighted as it's the most likely item to be changed.  So you can just touch/click any of the default volume buttons below or type in the inventory amount you have for the product and hit enter.   As most customers will only change the qty, choosing a qty will then close this Inventory Adjustment Page, and you can move to the next product.  If you wish to make additional changes, you can change them before changing the qty or barcode the item again to make any other changes.  We included many of the most common inventory numbers you may wish to choose as quick select buttons, but if you have quantity number not listed as a button, just enter that custom amount in the teal Quantity Box.  

Once you start adding inventory, they will be listed below the Continue with Facebook Button.  You can touch/click on any you wish to further edit.  This list is used for this live only.   

Once you have completed pre-scanning your Live Inventory that needed adjustments, you can start your live with those items pre-loaded.

You can still add/configure any items during the live that you hadn't pre-scanned by clicking on their Avail: Qty area.  This will let you increase the quantity for an item during the live and make other adjustments as needed.  But to keep you from being distracted during the live, we recommend you pre-scan and configure any items needing changes like Qty and Claim Number before you go live.