Landing Page Registration And Promo Code Tool

Incentivize Your Customers with Landing Page Registration & Promo Code Confirmation Page Combination

Watch this How-To Video to learn how to create a two page "Landing Page" & "Confirmation Page" to capture customers' data more often by giving them an incentive like 10% off their next order or Free Shipping, etc.  Market your registration as offering that capability and once your customers fill out the registration information, it leads them to your Confirmation Page where you can creat a Promo Graphic quite easily from one of our many themes with more coming (open to suggestions, hint hint ;)  You then show them the Promo Code and when they click on the graphic, you can have it send them right to your store.  BTW, You will notice in Landing Pages, we separate a Landing Page from a Confirmation Page.  They are identical to build and only have two key differences.  One, we always hide Confirmation Pages from search engines so your Promo Codes don't escape by search engine searches.  Second, we only include the Promo Code Block in Confirmation Pages, so you don't accidentally put a Promo Code on a search engine available page.  

I hope you enjoy this next level of bringing in customer registration & text opt-ins.  

Cheers,  LoyalShops Team

Click here to watch the Video: