Importing Customers into LoyalShops

Importing Customers into LoyalShops

At LoyalShops, we use Google Sheets for importing.  If you do not have access to google sheets, you can send your user/customer list to and we can import it for you (please note your login email address for LoyalShops and if you want the list just imported or Imported and Text Opted-In (with customers permission). 

If you are trying to import a list for Texting specifically, follow our Text Import Instructions in the Texting section.  

Importing Customers into LoyalShops from a list of customers you already have.

1) Open up a new browser TAB and type in to open up Google Sheets.

2) Hit the big PLUS button to create a new Blank Sheet or hit the File Folder (highlighted yellow with the red arrow), to load an existing spreadsheet / csv file into Sheets.  

3) We import Name, Phone & Email.  Make sure your Import list has a minimum of an email or phone per entry.  If your name entry is one column for both first and last name, then label that column "name".  If the first name and last name are in separate columns, label them respectively "first name" & "last name".  Label the phone column "phone" and the email column "email"  Then give your sheet a name like below (MyCustomersDate). 

4) Click the Green Spreadsheet Icon in the top left corner to save the spreadsheet.

5) Log into LoyalShops and go to the Customer Dashboard.  

6) Choose the "Import" button

7) You may need to Login Google (and turn off any pop-up blockers)

8) Follow the Steps in our Importer. 

9) Pay particular attention to the first question "Step 1: Import Customers Or Import & Text Opt In"
Choose "1. Import Customers" if you just want to add the list into Loyalshops for Loyalty, Emailing, etc.  Choose "2. Text Opt-In & Import Customers" if you also want to and have permission from the customers on the list to also Opt them into your fully enabled LoyalShops Texting Service.  

10) Step 2 of our Importer allows you to choose what Email & Text lists to add a customer to.  Note, if the customers in the import are already part of your database, you can choose to add them to a unique Email or Text list this way as a way to create a unique Mailing or Texting List of New and Previous imported Customers. 

11) Pick your List you wish to Import in Batch Customer Importing Step 3. 
You should see the sheet you created is listed at the top, if not, use the drop down to find and select it.  If it's not there at all, make sure that you are logged in to the same email you created the spreadsheet with.  If not, change email login with google, then try again. 

12) Choose Begin Importing.  Review the 5 sample data that is shown and ensure you recognize that data as the first 5 records in your spreadsheet.  If it doesn't look right, don't import it.  

13) You should now see your customers have been imported.  If you included email addresses, it make take up to approx. 30 minutes for us to validate the email addresses.