LoyalShops Subscription Sign-Up Walkthrough

How to signup with LoyalShops

Hi there,

Welcome to LoyalShops!   If you would like to subscribe to an account, you have come to the right place.  

You can go directly to www.loyalshops.com/login 

We recommend you bookmark this link as it's the same place you go to log in to your account going forward.  

We also have a video walkthrough if you would like to watch it first or follow along with the video.

Some key points with signing up.  Once you enter your Email and Password, choose Sign Up.  The next time you have your account established, you will use the Log In option instead.

You will see an option for choosing a company type.  We have many companies listed that have retailers that work with that brand.  If you are affiliated with a brand and they are on the company list, please choose that company type as it loads the company logo, and brand colors, and for some companies, unlock company-specific features in our LoyalShops services.  

If you are not affiliated with any of those brands, you can choose the default option "Custom Company", then just enter your company name.  The company name should be what you call yourself to your customers and doesn't need to be your official legal name, you don't need to list if it's LLC, etc.  Just the name of the business your customers will recognize. 

It will ask you for your phone number at some point, please use your mobile number if you have one as that number will later be used if you sign up for one of our texting accounts or if we need to reach you for an issue with your account.  We never share or sell your information or that of your customers and your mobile number is never exposed to your customers by our services.  

When you choose a service of ours, please pay attention to the name of the service, the price mentioned and the details for the service.  Note we have several $9.99 services, so please choose the service that serves your needs, and not choose the first $9.99 service you see on the list to avoid having to change again later.

For some of our services, we offer both Monthly and Yearly options.   We have no long-term contracts.  We just ask that you pay for the services that you have used.  So that is either the month of service you are in when you choose to cancel and/or the texting you have sent up until the day you cancel your account.  Your texting bill may arrive at the normally scheduled end of your subscription period, even if that was later than when you canceled by a few weeks.  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via chat, at support@loyalshops.com or 949-614-5650


LoyalShops Team