Give Coupons During A ReplySOLD Live Sale

Give Coupons During A ReplySOLD Live Sale

ReplySOLD Live Sale - Once customers have claimed you can give them a coupon to apply automatically when they checkout. 

1) Click on a customer claim below.  In this example, the customer's name is "LoyalShops Test Page 5".  

The pop-up shows the customer's full cart, gives you the ability to delete an item out of a cart, gives you the customer's cart link, total, and allows you to add a coupon.  
2) To add a coupon, click on the Coupon area, per the red circle. 

This brings up the Create a Discount Code Pop-Up for your customer. 
3) Choose a recent coupon type you have created or create a new coupon.

4) Once you have chosen a coupon, you can see it entered in the Coupon area.  This coupon will be applied to the customer's cart for checkout.  

5) Choose Close button in bottom right of pop-up to resume to your Live Sale still in progress. 

That is how you can give any customer a coupon during a Live Show with ReplySOLD.  


LoyalShops Team