Export Customers from LuLaRoe Bless into LoyalShops

Export Customers from LuLaRoe Bless into LoyalShops

1) For these steps, we recommend a computer as well as the Chrome Browser.  I know that Internet Explorer will not work properly for these steps.

2) Go to Bless

3) Choose Customers off of the Bless Main Menu List (New Feature).  

3) It will start only showing 10 Rows, click on the 10 number and then choose "All".

4) Now you have a list of all your customers that likely scrolls off the page.  So click right in front of the first customer's name, start to drag your mouse selecting that name, then keep dragging all the way down your list until all customers are selected.  Stop right at the end of the last customer's email address (no further).

5) With that full selection highlighted, copy the list by hitting right clicking and choosing copy or hitting (Ctrl + C) PC or (Command + C) MAC.

6) Open up a new browser TAB and type in Sheets.google.com to open up Google Sheets.

7) Hit the big PLUS button to create a new Blank Sheet

8) With the new Sheets page open, click in the second row, first column B1 and right click to Paste or (CTRL + V) PC or (COMMAND + V) MAC

9) After properly Pasting your customer content, it should look something like this:

10) Now Label the first, last and email columns exactly as "firstname", "lastname", "phone" and "email".  Notice no capital letters, no spaces.

11) Now, click on the Untitled Spreadsheet name and name it something useful like "MyCustomers12-28-17".  It should look very similar to the below example with your customer's data in there.

(note) - if your customer list has the first and last names in the same column, just label the column "name" and then label the phone column "phone" if present and email column "email".

12) Click the Green Spreadsheet Icon in the top left corner to save.

13) Now that you have reached this step, go to these video instructions to complete the importing process: https://youtu.be/JPp5BnMwAjY