Customers not getting an email? Try our Email Troubleshooting Tool

Customers not getting an email? Try our Email Troubleshooting Tool

Due to all of the spamming with emails, there are unfortunately email delivery issues.  There are many reasons a customer may not get emails, but a few top reasons include: 1) email address typo (like name@gmail.con being our most often misspelling).  2) Customer's email is a Government, Education or Business that has requested no marketing emails and we respect that.  3) The customer is a known email abuser (often complains mail is SPAM). 4) The email address is a SPAM Trap intended to catch people sending to purchased customer lists (dangerous and a no no).  5) Their mailbox is full.  6) They have never responded to an email.  After about two weeks of no response, we archive them that stops sending them emails.  We do this, because if we keep sending to an email without a response back or an open, that damages our reputation and ability to deliver into the inbox.  7) Someone unsubscribes from LoyalShops emails.

That is not an exhaustive list, but it's the top reasons for issues.

When you have a legitimate user issue where you check the email, know it's spelled correctly and yet the customer is still not getting emails, then use our Email Troubleshooter Button.

Email Troubleshooting Button

You will find this button in the Customer Detail page in the Customer Dashboard.  This tool fixes nearly all the ways we can think of at LoyalShops to fix an email from our side.  If we can fix your email, we tell you the common ones we fixed.  There are some adjustments we make even though it may not say it fixed something.  So please try the button, then give it time until the next email comes.  If it is still not received, please get back to us at Support with your email and their email and what you have tried.  Then we can look deeper and work on fixing whatever else may be an issue.