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Customer Status

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Invite Status - If Loyalty Is Enabled, when a customer is first added, they are sent a Welcome Email.  Before the Welcome Email is sent, we verify the email is valid and not dangerous.  During this period, the status is "Processing".  If the Email is not considered Valid or Safe, it will be marked with a Red X and no emails will be sent.  If Valid & Safe, it will be marked "Invited" and the customer has a Loyalty Card and the Welcome Email has been sent.  even if the customer never opens their Loyalty Card, their account is valid, they can purchase and their Loyalty Card will add the punches/points.  If a customer opens their welcome email and opens their Loyalty Card inside, you will see a Green Check for Invite Status.  

Edit User 
Allows Editing Customer Information (name, email, phone, birthdate)

Delete User
Delete Customer 


Email Troubleshooter - Attempts to fix customer email issues including unsubscribing (if you have permission from the customer).  If customer states they aren't getting your emails and you verify the email is correct, try clicking this button and see if they get the next email you send.

Resend Loyalty Welcome Email

Archived User - This removes the customer from your Customer Dashboard but doesn't delete them.  When LoyalShops identifies a customer hasn't responded to any emails sent to them, nor have they made any purchases, or other activity with their account, we will eventually Archive them.  If they do open an email, make a purchase, etc, they will be brought back from Archive to become Active again.

Current Punches/Points - How many is currently on a Loyalty Card
Lifetime Punches/Points - Running tally of all earned Punches/Points

Gift Management
Gift Management - If enabled, Gift Management allows you to give, redeem and delete a gift.  Redeem will send an email to the customer stating the gift was redeemed and then remove it as an active gift, record the redemption in the customer's history.  Delete removes the gift, doesn't notify the customer and records the removal as a delete in customer history.  Useful if you had already given a customer a gift a while back, but now removing it and don't want the customer to get an email on it.  Customers can't see the History on customer pages.  

Exchanges & Credits - Allows their tracking if you have Loyalty and the services are enabled.  Opens those features for the current customer.  

Manual Punches/Points - Add or remove punches/points from a customer's account as needed.

Notes: Any notes you wish to make about a customer.  Notes are Retailer personal and not seen by the customer.  Choose the green plus button to add a note. 

History: Recording of events about the customer including purchases, gifts, credit events, purchases, etc.  History can't be seen by customers.