How to add a registration page to Live Assistant

Creating a Registration Page for Live Assistant

If you would like to capture customer information so that you can email and invoice them, then you want to create a Landing Page with a Customer Input block in it.  

1) In the Landing Page Menu, choose Create a new landing page.  Give it a simple and easy for your customers to understand name like "registration".

2) We have blocks of functionality for a Landing Page.  Usually for a Registration page, you may want your Logo, then a text box that asks you to register and a customer input block where you can choose what customers input to capture like name, email, phone and address as well as Text Opt In.  

3) Review the Anatomy of a Landing Page to see how the blocks of functionality, turn into a registration page.

4) As you create your landing/registration page, there is a PREVIEW button in the top right corner so you can see how it's going to look in real-time.  

5) You will also find on the Landing Page setup screen setting the Page from Draft to Live. 

6) Just under the "Your Pages URL" section is the Page Status - set this to Live.

7) Copy the URL for your Landing Page so you can share it: 

8) Remember to save or update your Landing Page at the bottom of the page:

Place Registration information into Live Assistant Settings.  Best on seeing many lives, I belive your registration information should be placed in Live Assistant Settings in 3 places.  I'll show you where.
9). Go to LIve Assistant / Live Assistant Settings
10) Initial Comment When Live Starts - At the very top of Live Assistant Settings is the initial comment section.  You will see it's in 3 parts.  A custom welcome message at the top.  Feel free to personalize this.  Please don't add URLs in this box (facebook doesn't like URLs in there).  In the second box, add some registration message like "Please register:"  In the third entry area, put in the URL for your Registration Page you copied back in Step 7.  When completed, the Initial Comment area should look similar to below, but with your registration URL.  

11) Live Assistant responds back to customers when they win a claim on an item.  LIve Assistant actually responds back with 3 different Claim Winner Responses.   I recommend you add your registration information to the end of the third Claim WInner Response.  That way, every third sale will include your registration information.  See below for an example in the third teal box only:

12) At the bottom of Live Assistant, Settings is a "help" keyword you can adjust.  When someone comments "help" during a Live, Live Assistant will comment out the paragraph you choose.  We recommend you add your registration to this information.  

13) Finally, choose Save Settings at the bottom of the page.   You have now successfully created a registration page and placed it inside Live Assistant so the initial comment of your live will include registration.  Every third sale will comment out your registration and if anyone comments help.  Feel free to make additional personalisation to the Introduction comment and help comment to help out your customers.