Claim Numbers - Helpful FAQs & Color Coded Label Templates

Claim Numbers - Helpful FAQs & Color Coded Label Templates

Claim Numbers - Helpful FAQs & Color Coded Label Templates

By default, when you Barcode Scan a product we create a friendly Claim Number.  Here are some key points to know about these claim numbers.

We have 988 numbers in our system that are used as Claim Numbers.  The first 89 are 2 digit numbers.  The first 350 numbers were hand-picked out of 1,000 numbers to be the easiest to visualize and remember by customers.  Numbers like 123, 321, 111, 222, 510, 520, 530, 747, 121, etc.  

We have found if the numbers are truly incremental claim numbers, like claim number 1, then 2, then 3, that becomes an issue as some customers will pre-input the next number to gain an advantage.  So we don't sort the numbers in numeric order, they are mixed up.  

With that said, we like to have some order in the chaos, so you will be able to see that the first section of numbers are all in the 10s.  We still mix them up so they are (19, 15, 18, 14, 16, 12, 10, 17, and 11).  The next group of numbers in the 20s, again, mixed, then 30s, etc.  This way, you can see a number claimed in the live and while they are not in exact order, you can tell that any number in the 10s was at the very beginning of the live and use the other general numbers to better gauge where the number was in the live.  

This also helps if you need to pre-sort numbers, you can just get these general numbers into groups versus looking for random numbers in a specific order.

Here is the list in presentation order for Live Assistant Pro Sessions, unless you change them with different claim numbers by CSV or during Pre-Live Barcoding. 

Depending on how you manage your live, you may wish to have containers with the claim numbers on them and the items can be in the containers for that number and be placed back in that location when done showing it.  To help with this, we created color-coded claim number stickers you can place on containers.  These numbers are color-coded by their groups of numbers, like the 10s, the 20s, 30s, etc.  

These sheets of claim numbers can be printed onto the Avery 18167 blank label sheets that can be purchased at office superstores, Amazon, etc.  

Example partial page of the Claim Number Stickers:

Click the links below to download the Claim Number Label Sheets: