Canceling your Subscription?

Canceling your Subscription?

If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. 

You can call us at 949-614-5650 or   

If you choose to cancel, we delete your account and account data 30 days later.  Before then, you can come and sign back up.   If you believe you may come back to LoyalShops, you can instead change your account to a Texting Only Account.  As long as you don't do business texting in this account, there is no fees for keeping this account open.  So it's a way to park the account for extended vacations, sickness or other reasons you need some time off from using & paying your account. 

If you have decided to cancel, please follow the directions here:

1) To Cancel: If you need to cancel your subscription, please go to Settings / Subscriptions, from the pull-down menu,

2) Use the pull down menu and choose Cancel.

3) Then choose the "Update Subscription" button to finalize Cancelling. 

If you were Monthly, you're done, we won't charge you any further.  If you had a Yearly Plan, after canceling, send us a note at  Give us your LoyalShops login email and tell us you canceled your Yearly Account.  We will verify you get a pro-rated refund for your unused time.

Thanks for business!
LoyalShops Support