Can I send out invitations to all my customers?

Can I send out invitations to all my customers?

Yes, there are several ways to send out a fully configured punch card to all your customers:  

1) In the Customer Dashboard, you can click on the  button.

2) Batch import customers from a spreadsheet.  We can import from a CSV file into Google Sheets.  Follow these instructions:

3) Your personal Invite Link and send those to customers in Invoices, Facebook Posts, Emails, etc.  You can find your link to Loyalty Cards / Invitation Link.  This link can also be used at a Pop-Up.  Use any device and leave it accessible at a pop-up. It will prompt your customers to give their name, birthdate and email address, then send them an invite to your Loyalty Program.  Once completed, it will reset the screen automatically for the next customer.  

4) With a Pro Account and a Gmail Email Address, you can Auto-Invite, Auto-Punch, Record sales items, date and price and have a monthly Sales Tracking Summary.  To learn more, click here: