Auto Punching Overview

Auto Punching Overview

How Do We Do This?

The best time to punch a Loyalty Card is right after the customer pays for their goods.  They understand why it happens then, and they are looking for it to get punched in a timely manner after their purchases are paid.  Auto Punching will only punch a customer's card once they have paid for their purchase and then do so immediately upon receiving the receipt.  

AutoPunching is a Pro Feature and requires a Gmail Email Address to work.  

If you have a Standard Subscription, you can upgrade to Pro by going to Settings / Subscriptions, and choose Pro Monthly or Pro Yearly from the Pull Down Menu.

AutoPunch enables the following functions:

1) We can Auto-Invite your customers that have not joined your loyalty program.  They will be sent your Welcome email (Loyalty Cards / Welcome Email).

2) We will Auto-Punch their card so you do not have to.  

3) All accounts have the ability to set a floor where items are not punched below a certain $ amount.   Free orders are not punched.  For LuLaRoe - Your 100% Line Item Discounts are not punched and You can optionally punch Partial Line Item Discounts in the AutoPunch options.

4) We will send out a Punch Email with a full status update on your customers Loyalty Program.  Please alter it to answer additional questions customers ask you after purchase.

5) We will record Style, Size, Price and Date into History

NOTE:  Your LoyalShops Email must be the same for AutoPunch to work because when receipts come from your account, we use your email address to know they are your receipts.  If your LoyalShops email is not the same, please change it in the LoyalShops Settings / User Settings Page.  

NOTE: Your Email Account needs to be based on a GMAIL account in order to work.  Only Gmail is passing the receipts to us in a way we can read them.  If you have another non-Gmail for your main email, we understand you may not wish to change this.  We do recommend you add Gmail for your recipts account so that AutoPunch can work.  You may end up with two email accounts, but this is a balance of maintaining your previous email address and getting AutoPunch fully functional.  

We support 3 Payment Solutions with AutoPunch - They are Square, PayPal and LuLaRoe Bless.

Square - If you are using Square: follow these directions:

PayPal - If you are using PayPal: follow these directions:

LuLaRoe - If you are using LuLaRoe Bless: follow these directions:

Once we receive a consultant's customer receipt, we will process it usually within 15 minutes.  We read the customer's name, the order number, number of items purchased, look for discounts, etc.  We use the Customers Email address, we use the order number so that the same order can't be counted as punches a second time.  Then we use the number of items purchased as the punch count.  We also record the date stamp when the email comes in.  Once this information is recorded, we delete the Consultant Customer Email Receipts after around 2 weeks, so please retain them for your own use (the default in our instructions is for you to retail your receipts).  Note: LoyalShops will never use / nor sell you or your customer's data for any purpose.  We use / retain this information solely to deliver you, your subscribed services.   

With this information, we record that information in the Auto Punch Dashboard so you have a record that we received this purchase receipt as well as in each Customers History (and we will mark the customers line in the Dashbaord green for 48 hours.  The customer will be sent an Punch Email (if enabled in the Services menu) that gives them a full detail of their Loyalty Status.  

In addition to punching customer emails, if it is a new customer, we will automatically invite them to your loyalty program and send them the Invite Email.  They will be marked Invited in the Customer Dashboard until they either open their Invite Email, click on their Loyalty Card, following the directions or buy something from you again.  The invited status is a fully functioning state, mainly just listed there so you know they haven't opened up their email invitation yet.  It's common for about 50% of your customers to not follow through immediately.  As they buy more from you and earn gifts, many will come around.  

If customers do not reply to our emails and do not purchase again for a while, we will archive those customers.  So eventually we will stop sending emails if they do not respond.  We do this to improve/maintain our email delivery rates.  Even if a customer is archived, if they purchase again from us, we will automatically take them out of Archive.  



If you do not wish to track purchases from a specific customer, you can disable punching for this customer by choosing the "Disable Auto Punch For This User" option once they have made one purchase.