Attaching Shopify Store To ReplySOLD

Attaching Shopify Store To ReplySOLD

Once you have a ReplySOLD account, please follow these steps so we can help you connect ReplySOLD to your Shopify Store.

Any time during this process, feel free to call us and we can help you through it.  949-614-5650 - LoyalShops Support. 

(1) Login to your Shopify Administration Page and Choose (1) "Settings" at the bottom of the Menu Column. 

(2) Choose Users and permissions.  

(3) Choose the  "Add staff" option

(4)  Enter "Matt Kennerson" and in the name and email boxes. 

(5) Check the permissions marked with a red X including at the bottom "Manage and add apps and channels". 

(6) Choose the Send Invite and also let us know however else you have been communicating with us you sent the invite. 

(7) Connecting Your Store To ReplySOLD - We will then connect ReplySOLD to your Shopify store (We should get this done same day whenever possible).   We will send you an email once your store is successfully connected and remove Matt's access to your store.  You will then be able to complete your setup and go live with ReplySOLD to sell your Shopify items live.   

If you have any questions or issues on these steps, please call us at LoyalShops Support at 949-614-5650.