How a Landing Page is built and what makes it?

Anatomy of a Landing Page For Registration & Text Opt In

If you need a page to capture customer data like name, phone, email, address, and possibly Text Opt-In, then you want to use our Landing Page tool. It's quite easy to create a functional page with zero technical experience and can brand it as yours.  We deliver blocks of functionality including a Text Block, Picture Block, Button Blocks, and a Customer Input Block.  The picture attached shows the Blocks, resources, and settings used to create a Landing Page that captures customers' information including Text Opt-In.  Then all customer input flows into the Customer Dashboard.   You can then save the Landing Page and copy its URL to be placed anywhere like Facebook, in your Emails to customers to get them to sign up for Texting perhaps and given during you Live to register the customers to invoice them.  

If you would like to try out this Landing Page, it can be found here:
For this picture below, On the left are the three functional bli