Add A Business Page To ReplySOLD

Add A Business Page To ReplySOLD

Add A Business Page / Platform To ReplySOLD

Before starting these steps, please verify that you are an admin to the Business Page / Platform you're trying to add.  If not, take care of that step first.

1) Login to LoyalShops, Click on ReplySOLD main menu, then choose Live Dashboard.

2) Choose to Continue with Facebook.

3) Choose Edit Settings.

4) Choosing Edit, will bring up the list of pages you are an Admin for.  Select all Business Pages you may wish to Live Sell in.  You don't have to use them immediately, but if you don't choose them here, the options won't be available to choose in ReplySOLD. 

5) Choose Next and Ok / Next through the next two Facebook pages unchanged.  You should now be back at the LoyalShops Live Dashboard and Select Live Location will have the added Business Page(s) to choose to Live in and monitor with ReplySOLD. 


If you can't find a Business Page that has been added, here are the most likely causes we have seen:

1) It's not a business page, but a group instead.  ReplySOLD must start in a business page.
2) You have been invited to a Business Page, but haven't accepted those rights yet in Facebook Notifications.
3) You friended the Business Page owner from your phone, accepted the business page rights from your phone, but on your other device (likely a computer), one of your web browsers is logged into another Facebook account that doesn't have access to that business page.  Make sure that your phones Facebook Account and your Second Devices Facebook Account are exactly the same.  Including on any web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.  Facebook looks for browser logins to facebook, not Facebook Application logins.  
4) If all the above is checked and is ok, reset your LoyalShops Facebook Permissions and check once more if the page appears: