Add A Business Page / Platform To Live Assistant

Add A Business Page / Platform To Live Assistant

Add A Business Page / Platform To Live Assistant

NOTE: To go live and use Live Assistant on a Facebook Business Page / Platform, you must have editor or admin rights for that property.  Either it is your own page, or you need to be given rights from the admin of that page/platform.  It usually requires that you friend the admin, they will then give you rights to the page, and you receive those rights via a Facebook Notification.  You must accept the rights to the page in the FB Notification before you can use the page for a live. 

NOTE: Live Assistant will not work on a personal profile page or in a group; the live must start on a business page/platform.   Once you have started a live in a business page/platform, you or customers can share your live to other pages, groups, and personal profiles.  Live Assistant will manage anyone joining from any of those locations.

1) Login to LoyalShops, Click on Live Assistant main menu, then choose Live Dashboard.

2) Choose to Continue with Facebook.

3) Choose Edit Settings.

4) Choosing Edit, will bring up the list of pages you are an Admin for.  Select all Business Pages you may wish to Live Sell in.  You don't have to use them immediately, but if you don't choose them here, the options won't be available to choose from on Live Assistant. 

NOTE: You do not need to remove your page or other pages.   We recommend checking all pages in this option.  This allows you to choose any of the checked pages in our software to choose where you wish to go live.  Unchecking a page will remove it as an option to choose in our software. 

5) Then choose Next and Ok / Next through the next two Facebook pages unchanged.  You should now be back at the LoyalShops Live Dashboard, and Select Live Location will have the added Business Page(s) to choose.  You can now select that Page/Platform and run Live Assistant from there.  

Note: If this is not your page, you will likely be removed from this Page/Platform once your live ends.